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Summer to Summer: Houses by the Sea – Signature Edition

Summer to Summer: Houses by the Sea – Signature Edition

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Signed by Jennifer Ash Rudick. 
Photography by Tria Giovan. 

From the rocky coast of Maine to the sandy beaches of the Hamptons, from Nantucket to Newport, from Fire Island to Fishers Island, from Martha's Vineyard to Provincetown, summer hours are as varied in style as the people who hightail it to the beach as soon as the temperature climbs. In this lushly illustrated book, author Jennifer Ash Rudick has sought out some thirty of the best. 

She invites us to a minimally decorated, Isamu Noguchi–designed home in Northeast Harbor, Maine, and Sister Parrish's cozily decorated house in Dark Harbor, Maine. We imagine relaxing in comfortably cushioned rattan chair on the sun porch of a Nantucket house designed by Tom Scheerer, taking in the view of Long Island Sound through the glass curtain wall of a sleek house on Fishers Island, and feeling snugly cosseted in a tiny Provincetown cottage. 

All we need to do is settle back, kick off our shoes, and let the sun-kissed pages of Summer to Summer wash over us.

 "Dig into this lush volume and be transported to stylish homes that were made for easy summertime living."
— Luxe 

"In her introduction to this salt-and-sun-inflected book, Jennifer Ash Rudick recalls her first encounter with the use of the word 'summer' as a verb on a visit to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The idea that place can have a proprietary relationship over a season is the essence of Summer to Summer. Tria Giovan's photographs take the reader up and down the New England coast, into 26 ocean-fronted homes tucked away from view. It offers escapism both visual and emotional."
— House & Garden

360 pages
9¼ x 12 in. , portrait
325 color illustrations
Hardcover with jacket
ISBN 978-0-86565-381-8
Publication Date: June 2020

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